WAICE specialises in hydraulic cylinder servicing that caters to the requirements of large & small companies across all industries. Our commitment to regularly expanding our workshop and investing in the latest technology has resulted in a convenient, one-stop hydraulic cylinder overhaul repair and manufacturing facility. WAICE’s services cover every step in the repair process from disassembly, diagnostics, repairs, manufacturing, seals design and manufacturing and also Service Exchange Cylinders. We collaborate with you to troubleshoot and engineer lasting solutions designed to reduce equipment downtime. At WAICE we don’t just get the job done, we analyse how to prevent failures in the future and build that into our solutions.

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Assembly & Disassembly Services

The hydraulic cylinder repair process starts with a thorough assessment of all components. WAICE specialists carefully test then disassemble the cylinder, inspect the failure mode, assess the damage and uncover any underlying issues. A thorough digital inspection report is completed on iPads & connected to the mainframe of the company. The inspection report is used to prepare the full quotation / costing estimate for the customer along with technical evidence and advice in how to improve the performance and life of the component.

After repairs are complete, the cylinder is reassembled by our experienced team, fully tested, painted and ready for dispatch back to our valued customers. Our 24-hour a day, seven day a week service means your equipment is up and running again as soon as possible, saving you time and money.

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Heavy Equipment is often subjected to extreme conditions in the field & requires substantial investment, one that companies are keen to protect. When heavy machinery parts fail, especially in remote conditions, it can cost vital project time & money. We understand the importance that quality parts play in protecting all these things. Our expert machinists are highly trained and committed to manufacturing parts that withstand the rigorous life of the industry. Our machine shop is equipped with the latest technology to turn out precision parts that are machined to go the distance. We have the capacity to repair or manufacture new components for the largest cylinders in the Australian Mining Industry.

Our Machining Services:
• Manual Lathe Turning up to 860mm diameter and 6 metres long
• CNC Lathe Turning up to 760mm diameter and 4 metres long
• Horizontal Boring up to 8000Kg
• Universal Milling
• Drilling

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Grinding Services

Precision is everything when it comes to hydraulic cylinder grinding to remove the old chrome surface before applying the new one. We regularly invest in the latest cylindrical grinding technology to ensure the highest standards for our industry. Grinding requires experience to gauge the pressure required on the machine to remove the chrome layer while leaving the steel beneath untouched. Our outstanding team of machinists are dedicated to achieving optimum results.

Our Grinding Services:
• Cylindrical Up to 600mm diam x 6 mtr long – 6 machines

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Hard Chrome Plating

WAICE’s reputation as Western Australia’s top hydraulic cylinder overhaul company rests largely on the outstanding quality of every service we offer. Clients across Australia can be assured our hard chrome plating will withstand the harshest conditions in the field, helping to protect their investment. That’s down to our state-of-the-art equipment and exceptional team who are constantly upskilling and committed to ensuring every job meets the exact standards we apply to all processes.

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Welding Services

At WAICE we use the latest welding technology to manufacture and repair hydraulic cylinder components to the highest standard. Our specialist welding team consist of highly skilled tradesman using formal weld procedures written by a qualified metallurgist. Our 24 hour a day, seven day a week welding services means your equipment will be repaired in the fastest time frame. It`s all part of our commitment to customer service and the reason why our customers have continued to support us for almost four decades.

Our Welding Services:
• Automatic vertical internal bore welding
• SAW (Submerged Arc Welding)
• GMAW (MIG Welding)
• GTAW (TIG Welding)
• MMAW (Stick Welding)
• Arc Air Gouging

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Honing Services

Honing takes precision to the level of perfection. Honing is a process that requires specialised equipment operated by highly skilled machinists with a keen eye and an instinctive “feel” for the job. Our 2 honing machines can accommodate the largest heavy-duty cylinders in the mining industry. The result is a polished surface finish with improved bore geometry, improved lubrication, and removal of surface defects. Thus, increasing the lifespan of the internal hydraulic seals to achieve a durable hydraulic cylinder that will keep your plant operating reliably with less downtime.

Our Honing Services:
• 2 x Sunnen HTH Honing Machines
• Honing up to 560mm diameter
• Honing blind bores up to 4000mm in length
• Honing open ended bores up to 8000mm in length
• Surface measuring equipment

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Strip Tank Polishing Services

A new hard chrome surface is the outcome of a process that starts with removing the old damaged surface. Grinding the cylinder rod is one option, but the other is stripping. Stripping allows the old chrome to be removed while preserving the integrity of the steel and without any loss of in its diameter. The cylinder rod can then be polished on our specially designed linishing machine and can then, if no major damage, reduce the amount of chrome deposit on the rod which helps to a reduced lead time.

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Painting Services

WAICE ensures your equipment leaves our workshop ready to face the toughest conditions. Our highly-skilled industrial painters have the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to provide your hydraulic cylinders with the tough finish it needs to protect it on site. That includes a controlled environment to prevent defects in the finish, as well as high performance coating systems developed specifically to withstand harsh conditions. It’s part of our commitment to quality service that puts your needs front and centre now and into the future by helping to protect your investment.

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Service Exchange Cylinders

Downtime means lost money and lost time on your projects. That’s where our service exchange can save you both. At WAICE we pride ourselves on providing a fast, efficient in-house repair service, but sometimes there simply isn’t time to wait. If you need a hydraulic cylinder immediately, we can supply a service exchange unit and send us your broken one to repair. It means your machinery is back on the job quickly, with less time and money lost, contracts met, and your company’s reputation intact.

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Over the last 40 years WAICE have developed specific expertise in heavy duty cylinder overhauls for our industries.

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Our clients span across all industries including Mining, Oil and Gas, and Agriculture. One thing they all have in common is a need for reliable hydraulic cylinder repairs carried out to the highest standard.


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